Our Business Focus: Sales & Marketing Support Services & Solutions

There are 8 key areas that impact how Virido conducts business:

People - Virido's and our business partner's ability to select, recruit, train, develop, motivate and manage people has been the key our success. The emphasis is on creating win-win opportunities for the business partner’s employees and our clients.

Processes - The Virido and our business partner’s ability to design, document and monitor the necessary processes is a key capability that is fundamental to our business practice. Our focus on these processes allows us to constantly measure and review the activity steps and evaluate their contribution.

Technology - Virido and our business partners continuously upgrade our technology capabilities so that we can accommodate changes in the marketplace. Our technology partner’s platform is open, allowing integration with our client’s application requirements, including the capability for supporting email inquiry and instant messaging.

Communication – Our reporting structure is more than just raw data. Our team provides customer feedback, competitive information, data analysis and scoring to help you meet your goals and to stay ahead of the competitor.

Continuous Improvement - We believe every environment should be designed for continuous improvement, which requires frequently changing how activities are accomplished. We believe communication should focus on how to do things better. The result is better customer satisfaction, higher service levels and lower costs per transaction.

Cloud Based CRM - Our technology platform allows for the easy collection of a variety of information into a very robust CRM platform. The ability to collect and analyze pertinent data is necessary to identify those areas where process changes should be made and opportunities exist.

Database - Our database consists of business and consumer decision makers throughout the United States and Canada. Our data is updated daily and includes permission and opt-in e-mail addresses, demographic and other customer provided information that allows us to better target through e-mail, direct mail and telemarketing.

Open Environment – Virido believes that if we can see it so should our clients. Therefore, we provide secure access to our clients to monitor and review statsistical information on their campaigns.