V-Services: Call Center Management,Techology & Support

V-Services creates a variable expense support infra-structure. Allowing our clients to focus on their core products and services, Virido provides management and support to attain new and grow existing customers through our V-Services.

V-Services allow our clients to take advantage of our experience and our best case practices. Virido provides experienced people, proven processes and the latest technology. Our core competence includes:

Call Center Services – B2B and B2C Inbound and outbound customer support, sales and lead generation. While using the latest technology, our focus is on Telecommunications, Financial Services and Hi-Tech industries.

Call Center Management – Many clients prefer to have all of their solutions under the same roof. Virido provides the staffing and management team to handle all sales, customer support and back office solutions on our client’s site.

Call Center Technology – Many clients and call centers have a need for technology. Due to the constant technology changes and costs many clients do not have the budget or ability to stay up to date. We have been able to help provide clients and call centers with technology, data and reporting needs through an ASP model.

Quality Assurance – Virido provides customized quality assurance programs for our clients including TPV, call monitoring, surveys, follow up calls after installations etc…. Virido’s reporting provides customer feedback and scoring through the process to help companies become more “customer” friendly and efficient.

Strategic Planning and Consulting – Many of our clients prefer that Virido participates in the entire internal and external process. By doing so we can help them appropriately size the support needs and head off any chances for failure based on our experiences.

Data Management – Virido’s ability to capture, store and segment data allows us to help our clients create better targeted lists, provide efficient and effective campaigns and better manage sales and marketing budgets.

Multiple Sales and Marketing Channels

  • Direct Mail
  • Direct Media Response
  • Agent Services
  • Call Center

Back Office Support – Timely order entry allows for quicker billing and happy customers. Virido provide flexible and variable cost support on going and during large sales blitzes.

Fulfillment – Create packaging, warehousing, and bulk mail functions. Take advantage of the cost advantages of letting those that do this for a living do it for you.

Team Management – let us help you bring all of the best people together and manage timelines and process. Virido helps manage and ensure that your needs are met on time and on budget.

Technology – Virido’s support team is constantly upgrading to the most recent technology in order to meet the demands of their clients needs.