Meet The Principal: Gary Finney, President & CEO Of Virido

An accomplished entrepreneur, with over 35 years of experience in building successful sales and support teams, Gary Finney's success can be attributed to his hands on management style. This style is reflected by the following strengths:

  • Ability to understand the big picture
  • Creativity and "think out of the box" mentality
  • Understand client needs
  • Implement efficient processes
  • Drive results

Gary’s extensive operational knowledge has allowed him to design, develop and successfully execute marketing and customer support initiatives for companies, small to large. His vast industry experience has allowed him to create a fast paced, pro active, flexible environment where the teams are able to scale quickly. Mr. Finney designs solutions that help his clients grow their businesses and provide their customers with positive experiences.

Virido was founded in 1999 and has consistently grown in annual revenue from the start. Gary has successfully surrounded himself with a team of experienced leading industry experts who directly support the clients. The Virido staff blends with each client’s personal team. Together, they develop sales and support groups that focus on integrity and quality, while managing budget and revenue goals.

In 2011, Gary created a technology support company called V-Conligo. This company is independently managed. The V-Conligo team helps provide clients and the Virido team with increased visibility, micro management capabilities, process efficiency and increased performance. Additionally, over the past 16 months Mr. Finney has created other independent company brands that increase customer awareness and sales traffic for his customers.

Before founding Virido, Gary spent 10 years as Vice President of Operations with Zacson Corporation. This company served the technology, telecom and financial services markets. Gary's job responsibilities included managing internal and external call center operations, domestically and in Canada.

Prior to Zacson, Gary worked for 10 years in a family sporting goods business, responsible for sales and marketing. During his tenure, store revenues grew each year.

Gary lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, who are both active in competitive sports.

Fun Fact:

After playing golf for 40 years, Gary shot a hole in one in Scottsdale, AZ in 2004.

Clients Serviced:

IBM, Sprint, H&R Block, Bell South, AT&T, COX Communications, Discover, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Time Warner, USWEST, Pacific Bell, QWEST, Sears, Providian, Sun Microsystems, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser, Prudential, GTE, HSBC, Cablevision, CenturyTel, Charter, Frontier, BillingTree.

Testimonial - A Client with an Immediate Need:

With one day notice, Gary brought up 5 vendors and 250 agents in less than four days. Within twenty-four hours, his team of trainers traveled across the country for a one day training session with the client's agents, at their facility. The project was up and outbound calls were being made on the 4th day. The kick off was a success.